Drag and drop photos, videos and documents between your iPhone and computer wirelessly.

Sale price of US$9.99 + complimentary 3-day free trial!
*Does not currently support macOS High Sierra

Download for iOS

To download the companion macOS or Windows app,
go to www.airmountapp.com from your desktop

Drag & drop photos between iPhone & computer

Browse your iPhone photos, videos and documents directly from the Mac Finder or Windows File Explorer. Drag and drop to instantly transfer files between devices. Simple yet powerful!

Use iPhone as a storage drive to carry documents

Carry useful documents and files in a portable storage drive in your iPhone. Browse and share anywhere with nearby devices. Personal, secure and handy!

Works with your iPhone, iPad, Mac or Windows

Works seamlessly across nearby iPhone, iPad, Mac and Windows devices. Simplify your life with multiple devices!

Connect wirelessly

Works everywhere, no cloud needed. AirMount creates a direct high-speed wireless connection between nearby devices whenever possible. Ultimate in privacy and security. Pure magic!



We want to simplify how you move photos between your devices. AirMount uses our patent-pending NearNet technology to create an automatic, zero-configuration, direct, high-speed wireless connection between nearby devices. So you can simply drag and drop photos, videos and documents between them, even without cloud, internet or cable.

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